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  1. PM to make case for Syria air strikes

    The prime minister is to present his case to the Commons later for the UK launching air strikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria.
  2. Experts assess Osborne spending plans

    Economists are poring over the details of George Osborne's Spending Review, in which he funded a U-turn on tax credit cuts with a £27bn windfall.
  3. Audio of 'warning' to Russia jet issued

    The Turkish military releases an audio recording of what it says were warnings to a Russian warplane before it was shot down on the Syrian border.
  4. 'Compassion' urged over Syrian refugees

    The government is urged to be more compassionate to Syrian refugees who face deportation because they have come from other EU countries to join relatives.
  5. Protests after Chicago dashcam video

    The release of a video showing a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times sparks largely peaceful protests in Chicago.