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  1. Migrants 'vanish' from Austria hospital

    Three Syrian children and their families disappear from an Austrian hospital where they were treated after being rescued from an overcrowded minivan.
  2. Free EU movement 'for those with jobs'

    EU free movement should mean the "freedom to move to a job" - not to look for work or benefits - Home Secretary Theresa May says.
  3. Inquiry into restaurant tipping abuse

    The abuse of tipping by restaurants is to be the subject of an investigation launched by Business Secretary Sajid Javid.
  4. Friends named as Shoreham victims

    Two friends embarking on a cycle ride were victims of the Shoreham air crash that claimed 11 lives, it emerges.
  5. UK ambassador summoned over trial

    Britain's ambassador to Egypt is summoned over his "unacceptable interference" following the trial of three al-Jazeera journalists.