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  1. Miliband to pledge longer care visits

    Labour leader Ed Miliband is to set out details of Labour's "10-year plan" for the NHS, including longer homecare visits.
  2. Litvinenko 'killed on third attempt'

    Two prior attempts to kill ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko may have been made before he died from radiation poisoning in 2006, the BBC has learned.
  3. New York shuts down for blizzard

    New York City and other areas in the north-east US have shut down ahead of a snowstorm that could dump as much as 76cm (30ins) of snow.
  4. Greece debt repayment 'unrealistic'

    It is unrealistic to expect Greece to repay its huge debt in full, a spokesman for Syriza - which won Sunday's election - tells the BBC.
  5. Dementia 'link' to common drugs

    A study links commonly used medicines, including over-the-counter treatments for conditions such as insomnia and hay-fever, to dementia.